Account Management

A dedicated team of experts

We assign each of our clients an entire team that goes into the skills needed for safe, profitable, and totale account seller central management. Our experienced Data Analyst, Account Manager e Pay Per Click work with the sole objective of growing partners.

Strategic and operational roadmaps will be established that can guide clients toward their goals. Communication between the parties will be fast and concrete, allowing for changes in case of unforeseen events or new trends without ever sacrificing the achievement of planned goals.

Account Health

It is critical for a Seller Central account to maintain its high performance so as not to incur violations or risk account suspension and lockout. 

That is why we perform constant monitoring of account health

This way we will always be able to put out “fires” should they occur so that they can be resolved promptly without going to the expense of performance. 

Control and prevention are the basis of good sales profile management.


The user experience plays a key role in the customer’s purchase decision The user experience plays a key role in the customer’s purchase decision. As a result, it will be critical to complement strategies with precise and inherent creation of A+ content and the brand’s dedicated store to enhance its identity.

Business reporting

Reporting provides a summary of periodic management activities and results to support the partner. This provides clarity at all times as to what is happening and what is about to happen in addition to periodic update calls.

Reports regarding sales data and market analysis can facilitate and help strategic decisions during scale-up. In addition to this, appropriate fiscal reporting will be provided, linking to electronic invoicing services or any tax tools.